Skate Videos from ASA IST


The Ramps

Launch Ramp

I went by to check on the construction of the ramps.  By Saturday, the launch ramp should be completed.  Hopefully the manual pad/ grind box will be next and even a short flat bar.  Still waiting on some supplies for the quarter pipe.  Let’s try to meet up this weekend to try out our new ramps!


Dar Skates

With the destruction of the only skatepark in Dar es Salaam, in partnership with the International School of Tanganyika, we are bringing skating back to Dar.

In Dar we have dirt and paved roads.  The dirt is impossible, and the pavement is a death trap of traffic for young kids.  Our only choice has been to move onto the elementary campus, and hopefully some day soon the secondary campus as well.  We have a few used boards and a group of kids who just want to skate in a place where flat ground is a dream.

Right now we have a flat covered area and a crate we found on campus and a few broken benches anything else around.  Even here the dream is alive.