Dar es Salaam

How to Skate Videos

Living in Dar es Salaam and being a beginner skateboarder is tough.  Growing up skating, many of us learned through other skaters around us and watching videos.  We don’t really have that opportunity here.  So if you are looking to improve on your own, there is a great website that has tutorial videos from the basics of the Ollie to combo tricks on ledges.  Take a look and show your support for http://www.brailleskateboarding.com.



Tanzania Skate Society

This is the facebook page of some skaters in Dar.  They usually hold Saturday skate sessions at Slipway.  Check it out for times to meet up.

As of right now it looks like on flat ground.  Hopefully I can get them a rail sometime soon.


Dar Skates

With the destruction of the only skatepark in Dar es Salaam, in partnership with the International School of Tanganyika, we are bringing skating back to Dar.

In Dar we have dirt and paved roads.  The dirt is impossible, and the pavement is a death trap of traffic for young kids.  Our only choice has been to move onto the elementary campus, and hopefully some day soon the secondary campus as well.  We have a few used boards and a group of kids who just want to skate in a place where flat ground is a dream.

Right now we have a flat covered area and a crate we found on campus and a few broken benches anything else around.  Even here the dream is alive.