What makes up a skateboard?

The first skateboard you will usually try is a used one. Then if you are lucky, your parents will bypass the large superstore skateboards and head to your local shop. Not all skateboards are created equal, but they all have similar parts.  Take a look at some of the photos below displaying each part that makes up a skateboard.

The Deck: The skate deck is the top of the board that you stand on. The best are made from Canadian Maple wood and are layered 7 ply. Graphics and shapes vary depending on the brand and your personal choice. Buying a pro deck, one that is endorsed by a particular pro (usually has their name on it), helps support  the sport the best.


The Trucks: Trucks are the part of your skateboard that attach the wheels to the deck. These should be made from quality steel to last. They are bought in a pair, and will have the bushings included.

The Bushings: The bushings are in your trucks, they are the “rubbery” part that lets your board turn when you apply pressure with your toes or heels. These can come in different hardnesses. The harder the bushings, the harder it is to turn.


The Wheels: Wheels are sold in packs of four. There are different types of wheels for different types of skating. Longboards and cruising boards (not for tricks), are generally equipped with large, soft wheels. This lets you roll over small cracks and pebbles. Street skating wheels and skatepark wheels are usually smaller around 50-56mm and made of harder polyurethane. These last longer when sliding on hard surfaces and will help when you learn tricks.

Street Wheels

The Bearings: Skateboard bearings are made to fit any board. They come in sets of 8, two for each wheel. One bearing goes on the inside of the wheel and another on the outside.  If taken care of, bearings can last longer than your wheels.


Grip Tape: Grip tape is the sandpaper that is applied to the top of your deck to give better grip. Most skateboard grip tape is made so that it is grippy enough to do tricks and catch your board, while not being too grippy it rips up your shoes and doesn’t allow your foot to flick off easily for flip tricks.

IMG_2381 IMG_2389

Hardware: Hardware is the nuts and bolts of the skateboard. These literally keep your trucks to your deck. Most board setups will require a 1 inch bolt that will come in either allen head or phillips head. If you use a riser, then you will need to move slightly up in size.


* Now that you know all the parts, can you put them together? Try creating a short instructional video of how to put a few of the parts together or even a whole complete. Leave it in the comments.


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