Skate Videos from ASA IST


Tanzania Skate Society

This is the facebook page of some skaters in Dar.  They usually hold Saturday skate sessions at Slipway.  Check it out for times to meet up.

As of right now it looks like on flat ground.  Hopefully I can get them a rail sometime soon.

Asante Sana

With the help of our school carpenters and welders, the skate ramps were completed.  The kids were thrilled, and so was I.  The carpenters and welders stuck around to see what we would be using these things they had spent days constructing.  They did a fantistiic job considering they had never seen anything like them before, and without an understanding of their use.

Living in Tanzania, it is best to use hardwood when leaving something outside to hopefully deter termites.  I didn’t know this ahead of time.  These ramps are incredibly heavy.  The kids have been great in working together (up to 8 of us) to move them in and out of the covered area.

Hopefully we can start planning time on the weekends to have an open skating session, including people outside of IST.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of making this happen including Mr. Blair and Mr. Nsari.  Mr. Blair even came out the first day to help us move the ramps!