Beginners Shredding



How to Skate Videos

Living in Dar es Salaam and being a beginner skateboarder is tough.  Growing up skating, many of us learned through other skaters around us and watching videos.  We don’t really have that opportunity here.  So if you are looking to improve on your own, there is a great website that has tutorial videos from the basics of the Ollie to combo tricks on ledges.  Take a look and show your support for


Skateboarding in Africa

The momentum for skateboarding in Africa continues to build.  In many places around the world, skateboarding is a positive influence for kids who are looking for something to do that keeps them away from illegal activities.  It is an activity that is both intrinsic and social.

Another organization has started their work to further introduce skateboarding as a positive influence in Ethiopia.

Skate Ethiopia

Whether attached to a school, a church or just a group of well minded friends, skateboarding can help kids focus their energy into something constructive that will last a lifetime.